The labor law in Switzerland allows a great deal of liberty and does not impose many rules on the labor market. This is one of the important reasons for great productivity in economy, which is one of the highest in the world. During the past ten years, there has only been a 4% unemployment rate, which is much lower than that of other nations.

Trade unions are on good terms with employers and there is no conflict between them that cannot be settled through negotiation. Seldom are there any strikes as the last general one dates back 100 years.

Education level is usually high among workers in Switzerland. They usually speak more than one language and have more international experience than their counterparts in other countries. Their motivation, reliability and dedication are exemplary. Workers from other countries find Switzerland a good place to work.

The system adopted by the country regarding the employment market allows most EU citizens and all EFTA citizens to have equal rights to workers who are from Switzerland. There is a quota for the number of work-permits that are issued for people from various countries.

Labor law

An Excellent Social Insurance System

The large number of social insurance providers protect those who reside in Switzerland and work here as well as their families against risks that result in financial losses. Retirement pension and benefits depend on the government, the employer and the individual, who has a great responsibility.  That is to say, those who are insured and companies have correspondingly moderate contribution.


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Michael AW

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