Very good and stable purchasing power

The people of Switzerland enjoy one of the highest purchasing powers in the world. The franc is stable and it is the backbone of the country’s economy. Specifically, the people of Zurich enjoy the best buying power in the world. In fact, the word “Switzerland” is synonymous with stable finance and economy. Due to the very moderate alterations in price, those who seek the best currency for reserve and diversification, seek the Swiss franc.

It is possible for companies to have access to an international group of investors through SIX Swiss Exchange. Companies that are trying to find capital will have access to support that is committed over a long period of time with appropriate conditions. The government is also a supporter of an environment suitable for investment. For instance, the government relieves taxes for venture capital financing. An evidence of the good operation of the money market in Switzerland is the proper and beneficial rivalry in banking, which has a positive influence on business.

The Safety and Expertise of a Major Financial Center

Two of the most important financial centers in the world are Zurich and Geneva. The reason for their success is the stable basic conditions. Successful private banking, asset management, and insurance companies in Switzerland are based in Zurich, Geneva, Basel etc. and are having a worldwide reputation for excellence.

Both private clients and business clients have equal access to various financial and insurance services. Many companies from inside and outside Switzerland are attracted to the Swiss stock exchange; as a matter of fact, the SIX Swiss Exchange has the largest proportion of international companies among its counterparts in Europe. Blue chips in major corporations like ABB, CS Group, Nestle, Novartis, and Europe, which are sought after around the world, are among the trade items in the SIX Swiss Exchange.


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Michael AW

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