Swiss slopes are known as one of the best ski slopes in the world. It has access to a variety of landscapes, beautiful peaks, and the best ski slopes worldwide.

With the arrival of the cold season, one of the best countries in Europe to visit is Switzerland.



The city of Zermatt is located on the slopes of the Swiss Matterhorn. The city of Zermatt is famous for its direct connection to its famous mountain, Matterhorn. In this mountainous city, there are no cars and the traditional way of life of the people is well preserved. While there are no cars in the city, there are excellent and advanced sports and welfare facilities for tourists and athletes, so this city is one of the main destinations for winter tourism in Switzerland.

There are about 360 km of ski slopes in Zermatt region, which are divided into three main areas: • Stokhorn – Gornergrant • Rathorn – Sunnegga – Schwarzsee • Matterhorn

In general, the Zermatt region is a good tourist destination for athletes and skiers, so don’t miss the opportunity to travel to this beautiful city because it is worth a trip from Zurich, Geneva and Milan in Italy.


St. Moritz

This winter resort is something beyond the imagination of tourists. St. Moritz was introduced in 1864 as the birthplace of Alpine winter tourism. However, in those years it owed its progress to 3,000-year-old mineral springs. Perhaps because in the past, there were very few facilities for winter sports, and only professional climbers and nobles were able to do these sports.

In this city, ultra-modern facilities and ski infrastructure are available to tourists and athletes. The distance from St. Moritz to Zurich is about 3 hours, which can be a good opportunity for travellers arriving via Zurich.


Crans- Montana

Crans and Montana are two famous Swiss resorts located 1,500 meters above sea level on the Rhone Valley in a catchment area. The most important feature of the Crans-Montata Resort is its ski slope. This ski slope is very suitable for beginners and amateur skiers. If you have travelled to Geneva, Switzerland, you can take your car or train to Crans-Montana in less than 3 hours by car or train.


Interlaken – Jungrau Area

Interlaken is located in the Jungfrau region. A distinctive feature of Jungrau ski slope is the possibility of skiing for families and people of different ages. There are 45 railway tracks, cable cars, sledges and elevators from the Jungfrau ski region. Snowploughs will prepare safe places on the ski slope for easier traffic after the snowfalls. If you don’t like skiing, you can use the built-in snowball trails. If you are a Zurich traveller, you can take your car or train to Interlaken in less than 2 hours and enjoy in this beautiful mountain town.


Laax- Flims

The Laax- Flims is a luxury and exclusive area that has a higher degree of difficulty than other ski slopes in various Swiss cities. The highest peak in Films-Laax is 3018 meters high, where in addition to skiing, you can use the facilities of snowboarding, trekking, curling, climbing and paragliding. This ski resort hosts various sports competitions every year in winter and summer, including Alpine skiing. In addition to sports complexes, facilities such as a cinema, concert hall and hotel in this tourist complex welcome tourists. You can get to Laax- Flims by train from Zurich.



Andermatt is known as the “Water Tower of Europe” and is one of the ski regions with the most snow fall in Europe and Switzerland, covered with snow most months of the year. There are several types of ski slopes in this area with different degrees of difficulty, so people ranging from amateur to professional can ski.

An interesting point about the Andermattas area in Switzerland is the exciting experience of free fall from Devil’s Bridge. But all the beauty of Andermatt does not end with skiing or free fall. Families and amateurs can enjoy amenities at the Nätschen and Sedrun ski slopes. You can reach this beautiful area from the city of Zurich, which is an hour and a half.


Finally, if you have an interesting memory of skiing or have travelled to one of the mentioned ski slopes, let us know. Welcome to Swiss Skiing.



Michael AW

Michael AW

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