Some say this sport is similar to baseball and tennis. Some call it “farmers’ golf”. Some claim it was born in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and some believe the Italian-speaking part started playing it earlier. Get acquainted with Hornussenthe greatest sport tradition of Swiss people!

The game received its name from the key element – a puck called “hornuss” or “nouss”. The goal is to hit the hornuss as far as you can to your opponents’ side and you only score when nobody of the rival team members hinders the shot with catchboards. Usually the teams play two turns, hitting once and defending once each turn. The game normally lasts 3-4 hours and the excitement only gets stronger everytime the nousse crosses the air. As a player, you should really have a sharp eye and a quick response to notice it flying towards you – the Hornuss can speed up to 306 km/h and its flight length can reach 330 meters! The team with the largest number of hornusses stopped wins the game of Hornussen.

As we already mentioned, there are some debates on the game origins. According to one of the theories, Hornussen is not even a game – the disks were used to hit the enemies during war battles! Another version claims there used to be a custom to hit burning logs to the valley from the mountain to expel evil spirits. But the most popular variant says Hornussen was a game of single countryside men back in the 16th century. The farmers of one village met with the farmers of another village and played on the fields to regulate arguments and quarrels between the settlements.

Today Hornussen is played by the men of all ages and the tradition is often passed on through the generations. There is a Hornussen National association formed in the end of the 19th century and it organizes festivals and championships in Switzerland. In 2012 the International association of Hornussen was founded and since then it keeps making people of the world fall in love with this game with truly Swiss spirit – there are more than 20 clubs in the US, for example! So why hesitate?

Come experience fantastic sports in Fantastic Switzerland!

Michael AW

Michael AW

Michael is the founder of Fantastic Switzerland Associaton. A non-profit organization to promote the location of Switzerland

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