We all know Switzerland as a perfect tourist destination: ski resorts, historical and natural sights, vibrant cultural life. But have you thought that investing in Switzerland might be the start of your success story? We’re going to tell you more about it right now!

  • Why Switzerland? Switzerland is one of the world’s innovation- and technological leaders – that’s what the ratings says, e.g. the Global Innovation Index of Cornell University or the 2017 Bloomberg Innovation Index.

Almost 3% of the country’s GDP is invested in innovations and elaborations and it has its results – Switzerland is on the third place in the world by the number of patent applications and Nobel laureates per capita.

Despite the small area of Switzerland, the leading industry clusters are located here: on the swest you’ll find such giants of pharmaceutics as Novartis and Roche, in Zurich region – the research departments of Google, Microsoft, IBM.

Needless to say, “Swiss made” is the world-famous brand. Curious fact: the St. Gallen University research has shown that the customers all around the world are ready to pay up to 100% extra for the goods made in Switzerland and that’s what brings to Swiss companies up to 5.8 billion francs per year.


  • How safe is this idea? Switzerland is one of the countries with world’s highest purchasing power. The price change is so insignificant that Swiss franc has become one of the most attractive currencies for reserve creation and diversifying. Swiss economy is stable and competitive and that’s what makes Zurich and Geneva two major financial centres of the world. Furthermore, starting a new business in Switzerland is very easy. Foreign founders are welcomed and supported greatly.


  • What kind of business will feel the best in Switzerland? Opening an office in Switzerland will be the most proficient for the innovative business: biotechnology, IT, engineering – these are the prior directions. Switzerland has its own system of innovation centres and industrial parks connected with the best research teams and universities in the country. Concentration of new and already existing companies that work in the same field within the same geographical area attracts investors and high-qualified employees. It is the reason why Switzerland is leading in world’s ratings of competitiveness.


  • What about infrastructure and life quality? From the Alps to the charming Ticino – Switzerland inspires both the citizens and the guests with world’s highest life quality. Highly developed infrastructure connects Swiss cities with the countryside and Switzerland itself with the rest of the world. It’s safe and reliable and it will meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. Foreign companies appreciate the international orientation of the Swiss people with their tolerance and language diversity. Diplomacy, humanity projects and international relations are the priorities of Swiss policy.

Fantastic Investments in Fantastic Switzerland!

Michael AW

Michael AW

Michael is the founder of Fantastic Switzerland Associaton. A non-profit organization to promote the location of Switzerland

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