What do we know about Switzerland? Roughly 8 million people living in 26 cantons on the overall area of 41,200 km2 – yes sure, these are the general numbers characterizing Switzerland. But let’s be more poetic because the country offers more than just numbers.  If you’ve ever wanted to visit Switzerland then book the next flight and visit: The land of milk and honey.


What images does the word “Switzerland” evoke in your mind? Amazing Mountains? Fresh and clean air? Dark blue, clear and clean lakes and glaciers many centuries-old? Yes indeed, Swiss nature is inspiring and gorgeous. It offers you to use its riches to improve health, regain energy and detoxing. Whether you need a proper spa retreat or an active skiing vacation, or if you just want to take a hike and walk over green grass in mountains, you can choose from a great variety of options. Noteworthy is the purity of drinking water. Believe it or not, but in Switzerland you can drink water anywhere: whether buy a bottle of water in a supermarket, or fill your bottle with water from a tap, a city fountain without second thought or straight from one of the beautiful lakes.


Therefore, it does not come as a surprise to you that often the famous Bollywood-movies shot many of their “happy” and “dreaming” and “dancing” scenes, showing the land of milk and honey and endless love and happiness, in…yes you guessed right…the imposing Swiss Alps.

All those breathtaking views, fresh air and water will definitely make you feel hungry for more. In this case it is highly advisable to continue your journey and get to know the Swiss cuisine that boasts a range of original delicious dishes which can be shared with a company or eaten all by yourself. For instance, who can resist the real Swiss Cheese Fondue, a dish where you are dipping a piece of bread into a heated pot with melted cheeses in it? No one! For sweet-tooths Switzerland has a special treat – chocolate in every possible form: truffles, pralines, cakes, and mousses and of course we don’t shy away to offer you a Fondue but this time, with melted chocolate to and a pot of fruits to dip.


As a tourist you can take your time and enjoy every bit of the country’s specialties, whereas as a business person you are aware that time is a luxury and it has to be spent wisely. The hard-working Swiss Nationals understands this as well. Such perception of time has found its reflection in various Swiss businesses. Take the watch industry: watches with the inscription “Swiss made” evoke a concept of timeless style, precision and quality. No wonder Swiss people are globally knowns fort their punctuality producing all these world class watches which are knowns globally and are carefully assembled and engineered mostly in the French speaking part of Switzerland. One should of course not forget the Swiss banks, which are a world-acclaimed anchor of stability. They represent a popular investment destination are listed in ratings of world’s top best banks and keep innovating the newest trends in finance and the latest trends in FinTech.


Whether on a vacation retreat or during a business trip, you will appreciate what the country offers as well as the high safety level and the fact that you will always be understood by the locals. You can choose one of the four national languages: German, French, Italian or Romansch, or even switch to English – since Switzerland is an international business hub and popular travel destination. It comes with no surprise that around 25% of the Swiss population are foreigners which have perfectly immigrated in the Swiss culture and have chosen Confederatione Helvetica as their new home. No matter how far away from home, you can always find something brand new along with something traditional, cozy and comfortable in Switzerland and make this your new home, or your new business hub for innovation and trade.


Welcome to Switzerland. The land of milk and honey!

Michael AW

Michael AW

Michael is the founder of Fantastic Switzerland Associaton. A non-profit organization to promote the location of Switzerland

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