LUGANO in Ticino – The sunny side of Switzerland!

This city is often called European Rio de Janeiro for its almost tropical climate and passionate temper. It is framed by the most magnificent mountains and lakes you’ll ever see.

This city is often called European Rio de Janeiro for its almost tropical climate and passionate temper. It is framed by the most magnificent mountains and lakes you’ll ever see. Here, the great writer Herman Hesse spent his last years, here the unique museum of chocolate is situated, the crucial part of Swiss cuisine. Dynamic, exotic and full of sunshine – let us get you acquainted with Lugano!

The city began its way as a small fishing village and later transformed into a popular tourist destination. Nowadays Lugano is the third most important financial centre of Switzerland, a great place for research and simply a developed and modern city with the warmth and comfort of rural life.

Now let’s talk about what you can find in Lugano:

Located on the Lugano Lake bay, close to the city centre, Parco Civico is perhaps one of the most beautiful parks of Switzerland. Here you can visit the elegant Villa Ciani, a true cultural jewel of Lugano. It used to be a place for congress meetings but today the doors of Villa Ciani are open for everybody who loves art and history. After you see the exhibitions of the manor, walk through gorgeous Italian-style gardens and take a look at the huge collection of palm trees, camellias, roses, azaleas and other exotic and Mediterranean plants. An unforgettable experience guaranteed!

Thirty kilometres southeast – and you are already in Italy! Close vicinity with the Lombardy region has surely affected the culture of Lugano, particularly the architecture. Among the must-see places are San Lorenzo Cathedral, the oldest church of Lugano that stores numerous frescos and decorations completed in the Renaissance style, Santa Maria degli Angioli Church, where you can see the Switzerland’s most famous fresco “The Crucifixion of Christ”, and Palazzo Civico, a stunning palace located in the old part of the city that currently hosts open air concerts.

Lugano is especially proud of its very unique museums. The newest one is called LAC – Lugano Art and Culture. This modern art centre looks like a part of the lake and its exhibitions includes the works of art created mainly in the 19th and 20th centuries. Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Paule Signac and these are just a few of the names. The massive part of the collection is works of contemporary artists so if you want to be up to date in a word of art, you surely know now where to go in Lugano! But that’s not all: literature lovers can visit the Hermann Hesse Museum, children will enjoy their time in the Swissminiatur Park that gathered all the main Swiss sights recreated in 1:25 size. Finally, nobody should miss the opportunity to see the Museum of Chocolate near Lugano!

Mount Brè is probably the sunniest mountain in the whole country. If you take a funicular, you can reach its top and get fascinated by a breathtaking panoramic view of the city, the marvelous lake of Lugano and the mountains and also, Italy! Don’t forget to visit the charming village of Brè. This truly romantic place was very famous among artists and the centre of Brè village is full of their who contributed their masterpieces to the village. Come to Brè and get inspired!

We couldn’t fit all the incredible opportunities of the city in one text, but aren’t the ones listed enough to grab your bags and fly to Lugano or to invest in this astonishing place? It’s all up to you but here’s what we know for sure: having made a visit once you’ll surely come back for the warm atmosphere of Lugano will stay in your heart forever!

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