High above Lake Thun, near the village of Beatenberg are the stalactite caves of the St. Beatus a million-year-old natural wonder that amazes its visitors. According to myths, the caves served as a shelter for St. Beatus, who is said to have evicted the dragon living there in the sixth century.

The St.Beatus Caves are among the most popular destinations in Switzerland. The St. Beatus Caves are a network of stalactite and stalagmites caves located below Beatenberg near Interlaken in the canton of Bern. The cave system is located on the northern edge of Lake Thun. A beautiful old-fashioned Swiss-style building that serves as the cave entrance clings to a vertical rock face. The cave is walkable with or without a guide about 1 km into the interior of the Niederhorn mountains. The circuit in the caves of stalactites will make you pass between imposing calcareous concretions, in vast rooms and impressive gorges. The unique shapes and colors of stalactites and stalagmites make everyone fascinated.

Other than the caves, there is a great history museum, which offers interesting information on caving, and a natural garden restaurant with the products from the region. Outside of the St. Beatus Caves, there are amazing bridges, halls, and waterfalls which are inspiring radiating a special power. Younger guests can enjoy the playground with a dragon slide.

The myths of the cave revolve around its namesake, St. Beatus, a monk living around 100 AD. St. Beatus chose the cave in which to spend his pious hermitage. However, he discovered someone was already living there; a horrible dragon, who shot fires from his blazing eyes. St. Beatus, however, would not be run out of his cave, and held his cross up to the beast, invoking the Holy Trinity. Then the dragon the dragon ran down the cliff and fled and rushed into Lake Thun with a roar and drowned. St. Beatus lived there until his death. Until the reformation was in the cave a pilgrimage which is destroyed in 1528.

Enjoy a visit of the Fantastic Caves in Fantastic Switzerland

Michael AW

Michael AW

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