In the past, people were using St. Bernard’s dogs for their protection. These dogs were used in Switzerland to help locate and save lost and injured passengers. St. Bernard today has entered family life in many homes around the world.

St. Bernard is an ancient dog breed. His ancestors are probably Mastiff and Tibetan Mastiff, who was taken to the Alps by the Romans about 1000 years ago. This great and peaceful dog was known to the public from the 18th century. The reputation of St. Bernard’s dog is for saving mountain climbers caught in the Alps. The dog has saved many human beings throughout history and is one of the best dogs. To this day more than 2000 people have been saved by this dog from certain deaths. St Bernard’s rescue operation is such that he initially shovels snow and finds the injured person, then the dog starts to lick his face and goes to lay next to the injured person to warm him up. During this time another dog brings the rescue team.

St. Bernard is a great, powerful, muscular dog with a large and powerful head. Its large and hairy legs allow him to walk on snow and ice. It has a strong sense of smell and seems to have a sixth sense in the case of an incident such as avalanches and storms. The behavior of this dog is very calm and friendly. St Bernard’s dog is very intelligent and has a great talent for learning. He is very loyal and always wants to make his owner happy.

It has been reported that only one St Bernard’s dog was able to save more than 40 people in avalanche, storm and bad weather during 12 years. The extraordinary talent and ability of the St Bernard’s dog breed in anticipation of sudden weather, its high intelligence and the ability to be trained lead to be used as a rescue dog.

Did you notice that the dog in the picture is carrying a pot? Are you wondering what is inside it? The dog is carrying alcohol in the pot around his neck, so they can drink it and get warm.

Michael AW

Michael AW

Michael is the founder of Fantastic Switzerland Associaton. A non-profit organization to promote the location of Switzerland

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