It is not difficult for a person or a company to start a new business without losing much time in Fantastic Switzerland. In the majority of cases, the legal processes of starting a new company does not take more than two to four weeks and it will not cost more than 10’000.– Swiss francs.

Founders from around the world find Switzerland welcoming and will benefit from different types of support. For instance, a third of the companies founded in 2016 belonged to people from countries other than Switzerland. The principle of freedom of trade allows anyone in Switzerland to have a business, start a company, or be a shareholder in a company. The only condition is that this person reside in Switzerland.

It is not difficult to come to Switzerland, many government and non-government related companies provide useful support and gives future investors from other countries the necessary information about the general framework and the facilities that Switzerland can provide for businesses as well as the requirements and steps needed for starting a new company.

In cases when a company knows exactly what kind of a location it needs to set up its business, there are economic development agencies in that specific canton which will help the company in relation to the local matters of the project. Companies can seek the assistance of banks, consultants, trust companies and specialized lawyers if they need specific help. Furthermore, they can access a large amount of online advice ranging from help with writing a business plan to advice on how to record a company’s name in the commercial register.

There are two usual types of legal incorporated companies for businesses that move to Switzerland: an Aktiengesellschaft (stock corporation) or a Gesellschaft mit beschraenkter Haftung (limited liability company). Another option is starting a Swiss subsidiary online, which could be in the form of a sole proprietorship, general partnership or limited partnership.

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Michael AW

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