The Pioneers of Swiss Chocolate

 Legend has it that Swiss people eat more chocolate that any other nation. Actually, it comes as no surprise – the Swiss have been making chocolate for the entire world for ages. But have you ever wondered who invented that soft and delicious chocolate we all adore today?

In order to figure it out we should go to the XIX century. The chocolate back then was very different from what we have now – hard to produce, hard to chew, not quite enjoyable. But everything changed in 1879 when a chocolate maker from Bern Rodolphe Lindt bought an old factory hall with some outdated equipment. He wanted to invent a brand new type of chocolate and worked day and night for it, but nothing worked. People of Bern made fun of Lindt, but he didn’t give up. One Friday evening the confectioner forgot to turn off the machines when leaving the factory and they kept running until Monday. When Lindt came up to the stirring tank and tasted the mass, he was absolutely astonished: it tasted brilliantly and melted in his mouth!

That was something nobody has ever experienced before. The Bernese society fell in love with Lindt’s invention and literally bombarded him with orders. Other confectioners were dying to find out the recipe’s secret, one German company even offered 3 million marks but Lindt didn’t bother. However the factory was too old and too small to handle such popularity. Something had to be done so in 1898 Lindt paired up with «Chocolat Sprüngli AG», a chocolate-making company owned by Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann, a confectioner from Zurich and a talented businessman. Sprüngli bought the brand and provided Lindt with new equipment and the workers. That’s how the legendary company started.

With the outstanding quality of their chocolate Lindt & Sprüngli became famous around the world very soon. In 1915 the company exported more than a half of produced chocolate to twenty different nations! The company kept expanding and faced all the challenges with solid courage. Despite the sales decreasing that took place during World War II, in 1949 the chocolatiers introduced something special – the iconic Lindor chocolate.

What next? Numerous subsidiaries worldwide, new tastes and new dedicated admirers of the chocolate excellence! The development of tourism in Switzerland also played its role – the visitors would take Lindt chocolate away to their home countries as a lovely memory of the land of lakes and mountains. Today Lindt & Sprüngli is sold in more than 80 countries on four continents but still the best place to taste the heaven is Fantastic Switzerland!  







Michael AW

Michael AW

Michael is the founder of Fantastic Switzerland Associaton. A non-profit organization to promote the location of Switzerland

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