Switzerland has many museum to be visited. We felt that it is a good idea to show our personal top 10!


1.The Kunsthaus Zürich

Kunsthaus Zürich is one of the most important art museums in Switzerland with a great collection of art, such as world-famous works by Picasso, Monet, Chagall, Rothko, Munch and many others. This fantastic museum is surely a must visit for those who love art and sculptures.

Kunsthaus was founded in 1787 and counts 20,000 members and it is one of the largest museums in Europe. Today, the Kunsthaus is well-known for its top-class collection, which includes Medieval sculptures and panel pictures, paintings of the Baroque period, and famous Swiss paintings of the 19th and 20th centuries.


2. Landesmuseum Zurich (Swiss National Museum)

Landesmuseum is one of the largest historic-cultural collections of Switzerland. The museum showcases the history of Switzerland from its early beginnings until the present day in permanent exhibitions. There are also unusual collections of Swiss clocks, Swiss armor and weapons, and folk costumes from each of the country’s cantons. This is a must visit for those who love history.

In the 19th century, Gustav Gull, one of the most important architects in Switzerland’s history, won the National Landesmuseum Competition with his project. His castle-like building, which combines various architectural styles, was opened in Zurich near the railway station in 1898.

Today, the recently enlarged Landesmuseum impressively displays Swiss cultural history.


3. Museum Rietberg

This art museum is the only art museum in Switzerland that focuses on non-European art, and has a substantial collection from Asia, America, Africa and Oceania. Everything about the Rietberg is literally perfect. It’s located in one of Zurich’s most beautiful parks. The Museum Rietberg is also interesting from an architectural point of view.

The valuable sculptures that Baron Eduard von der Heydt (1882-1964) gave as a gift to the City of Zurich in 1952 form the core of the permanent collection that is continually being enlarged mainly by further endowments. The Emerald Extension was opened in 2007; the mostly subterranean complex doubled the exhibition area of the museum.


4. Olympic Museum Lausanne

The Olympic Museum is in Lausanne. In this amazing museum, you can learn a lot about the history of Olympic Games. It covers all of the greatest moments of the Olympics, from the ancient games in Greece to the modern Olympic Games. Inside, items of memorabilia, including Jesse Owen’s sprinting shoes and Roger Federer’s tennis racket, are displayed among hundreds of other famous items for visitors to look at. The Olympic Museum is truly a hidden treasure.

The Olympic Museum, was opened in 1993 in Ouchy. The idea of a museum dedicated to appreciating the Olympic Games goes back to Pierre de Coubertin, who revived the Olympic Games and founded the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


5. Musée d’Art et d’Histoire Geneve (Art and History Museum)

The Museum of Art and History is a huge museum of over 1 million exposition pieces.

This museum is one of the popular museums in Switzerland and is a must visit because it’s kind of a sum up of all that has happened in Swiss history. Also it is the largest art museum in Geneva.

The Musée d’Art et d’Histoire was built from 1903 to 1910 by Geneva architect Marc Camoletti. showing over half a million objects including a number of major works and unique series that have made it an institution of international stature, the museum maintains a permanent exhibition of a selection of applied arts, fine arts and archaeology collections. Regional archaeological discoveries, Egyptian and Classical antiquities, artworks, furniture, arms, musical instruments, paintings and sculptures all bear witness to 15,000 years of history.


6. Bodmer Museum, Cologny

The Bodmer Foundation is a library and museum specialized in manuscripts and precious editions. It contains the literary collections of Martin Bodmer. There are copies of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, a first edition of the Gutenberg Bible and documents hand-written by Beethoven, Napoleon, Borges and many more historical figures. Martin Bodmer Foundation is among the largest private libraries in the world and it is located in Cologny just outside Geneva.

This is the place is a must see for someone who loves literature.


7. The Museum of Transport, Lucerne

The Swiss Museum of Transportation was founded in 1959 and is the most visited museum in Switzerland. It is a place to experience the history of road-, rail, water- and air-borne mobility, as well as that of space travel. Unique attractions found nowhere else in Switzerland, such as the film theater, planetarium, Swiss Chocolate Adventure and Media World and many others can be seen here.

Alongside the museum, a tour takes you on a chocolate adventure while virtual protagonists tell you about the discovery, provenance, manufacture and transport of chocolate. A multi-sensory voyage of discovery: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling. And you receive a mini chocolate surprise at the end of the tour!


8. International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, Geneva

This museum is one of the largest museums in Switzerland. It explains the best and the worst side of humanity, which is very relevant in today’s world and surely is a must visit. At the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, you can see three separate areas, each developed by a well-known exhibition architect, which allow you to explore three major challenges in today’s world: defending human dignity, restoring family links, and reducing natural risks.


9. CERN, Geneva

CERN, the world’s largest particle physics research center, founded in 1954. Cern is a European research organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. At CERN, you can visit the Microcosm to learn about the history of the Large Hadron Collider and the Universe of Particles to really stretch your grey matter.

If you are interested in this wide and versatile universe. This place will amaze you.


10. FIFA World Football Museum, Zürich

The FIFA World Football Museum is an association football museum owned and operated by FIFA. Besides the extraordinary history of FIFA and the Football World Cup, an interactive, multimedia world of experiences illustrates how, across the globe, the game stirs people’s emotions on a daily basis, and influences and inspires them. The major highlights are the original FIFA World Cup Trophy and the gigantic Soccer Pinball – where both the young and the old can test their strength in keeping up with the pace.

If you are interested in football this place is for you.


Why not exploring them during one of the rainy days in Switzerland? We hope you will enjoy the discovering of Swiss Art. 


Michael AW

Michael AW

Michael is the founder of Fantastic Switzerland Associaton. A non-profit organization to promote the location of Switzerland

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