Very high quality, practical education with famous private and boarding schools, and world-famous universities and technologies – these are the elements that have made Swiss universities so successful.

This has led to great advantages for businesses in Switzerland. In our country, it is very easy for investors to find people who are not only educated, committed and motivated, but also able to speak several languages. That is why Google and Novartis, which are among best employers in the world, have selected Switzerland as their location and keep investing more in human capital.

Important international firms cooperate closely with universities in the area and employ plenty of well-educated graduates from them.

In Switzerland’s educational system, a mixture of practical vocational training and excellent academic education is used. This combination provides the Swiss economy with an innovative and creative workforce. A good indicator of the excellent quality of education in Switzerland is the fact that this country has an exceptionally low unemployment rate.


World famous state and private schools

Swiss public schools deserve their good reputation because pupils attain satisfactory results in international PISA tests on a regular basis. In fact, Swiss students do better than other EU students in mathematics. Swiss universities are among the best according to world university rankings. For instance, the Zurich and Lausanne Federal Institutes of Technology and the Universities of Geneva, and Zurich are among the top 100 universities in the world.

As a matter of fact, Zurich and Lausanne Federal Institutes of Technology are among the top 20.

There are also 260 private and boarding schools that are an addition to the state school system.

The advantage of this fact is that international families can find an educational system that is more appropriate for their needs. For instance, employees of foreign companies might have to stay in Switzerland temporarily, during which time their children can attend a school in their own native language or attend an international school. In this way, they will be ready for exams by the time they go back home regardless of whether they need to prepare for Abitur, the Baccalaureate, or a US-American university entrance requirement.

Find more information under: https://www.educationsuisse.ch/en/education-switzerland/swiss-educational-system


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Michael AW

Michael AW

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