As Switzerland has a federal government system, the connection between the government, companies and the civil society is strong. Our country has a small and effective government, which is made up of the seven-member Federal Council. Each year, one of the members of this council serves as the Federal President. The 26 cantons, that make up the Swiss Confederation, are autonomous to a large extent, especially in healthcare, education and culture.

There is also independence for municipalities, which are 2300 in number and make their own decisions about their tax rates. It is possible for the citizens of Switzerland to have a direct influence on politics as they can take part in referendums and initiatives. Due to the stability of the political situation, practical business decisions supported by people can be made with confidence.

Autonomy in the center of Europe

It only takes one to two hours by plane to travel from Switzerland to any important economic center in Europe. Several different languages are spoken in Switzerland and this country is not only geographically but also culturally at the heart of Europe linking north to south and east to west. Three of Switzerland’s neighbors are among the largest markets in Europe: Germany, France and Italy.

Furthermore, the languages of these countries are also spoken by the people of Switzerland who speak English as well.

The economic ties between Switzerland and the rest of Europe are strong. The European Union can be considered Switzerland’s major partner in trade as most of the Exports and around 60% of the imports are conducted with the EU.

Although Switzerland is not a member of the EU, goods and services are freely exchanged between this country and the European Union because there is a comprehensive free trade agreement and some bilateral agreements in place. This agreement allows Switzerland to have complete access to the 500-million-member European market without having to compromise its political independence. In addition to the EFTA convention and the Free Trade Agreement with the EU, this country also benefits from more than 30 free trade agreements with 40 other countries. Thanks to the Swiss free trade policy, conditions for trade with major partners are optimal in this country. There are some agreements in place between Switzerland and major industrial countries, which make it possible for companies to pay tax in one country only.


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Michael AW

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