Who does not know the story of the orphaned child Heidi, whose aunt Deta decides to take her to the mountain with her grandfather?

It is a novel about the events in the life of a young girl in her paternal grandfather’s care in the Swiss Alps. Heidi is one of the best-selling books ever written and is among the best-known works of Swiss literature. The name of the author of this amazing book is Johanna Louise Speiri.

Johanna Speiri was a Swiss-born author of novels, notably children’s stories, and is best known for her book Heidi. At the age of 52, she published the first story of Heidi, which was translated into 50 languages in a short time, along with chocolate and Swiss souvenir cheese it belongs to the most famous items of Switzerland.

Travel to Heidi’s Nostalgic Village

Heidi HouseHeidi’s house is in Maienfeld. A one-hour train ride from Zurich can take you to the famous Heidelland area (Heididorf), which includes several towns and villages around the Alps. This is where Heidi’s novelist, Johanna Speiri, chose to rest after her illness, and it was at this time that the idea of an orphaned girl living with her grandfather in the Alps came to her mind.

If you are amazed at Heidi cartoon, you can visit Heidi’s house that really exists and will take you back in time.

The lush meadows, the soaring mountains, the lovely goats on which the bell hangs, and the rustic country house are the image that is reconstructed in the minds of millions of people, recalling Heidi. It is not difficult to find such villages in Switzerland.

The green grasses surround the house in the same way as in the story; behind the house there is a view of the Alps and the goats are playing around. When you enter the house, you will see familiar scenes from Heidi’s bed, Clara’s wheelchair, and the table on which Peter learned to read.

HeidiHeidi’s home is a typical farmhouse in this area – built with a mixture of wood and stone. A footpath next to the house leads up to the Alp where Heidi spent her most beautiful years with her grandfather.

Heidi’s House is a renovated museum with interior original pieces from that period, depicting rural life 120 years ago. You can even see Clara’s wheelchair.

Though the inside of the house looks as if Heidi and Peter just left to roam outside and return at any moment, children might be a bit disappointed that they don’t meet the “real Heidi”…


Many people believe that Heidi’s life was a symbol of the value of home, honesty and good deeds, and that is why she was able to warm the hearts of human beings.

Hopefully, in addition to introducing this area, we have been able to take you back to the days when we sat down with Heidi’s cartoon and enjoyed every adventure. Knowing that such a place is real will double the pleasure of this reminder.





Michael AW

Michael AW

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